How Safe is Your Home??

The #1 statistic that got to me being a stay at home mommy, was that parents who work from home have a 54% HIGHER of getting cancer then parents who work out side of the home. WOW—if that doesn’t make you want to take a look at what’s in your products, I don’t know what will change your mind!

It is astounding to find out how many children are actually poisoned in their homes every year! Annually, over one million children are accidentally poisoned in their own homes. Out of these children; 250,000 are hospitalized, 3,000 will end up in intensive care units and many more will die. Accidental death by poisoning is the second leading cause of children dying in the United States and is actually more dangerous then guns. Also, it is sad and disheartening to know that thousands of children and adults are permanently injured or disfigured each year through contact with the toxins and chemicals that are in the products that are used in their homes.

When I came across these statistics, I was sickened! I can’t believe that so many children are accidentally poisoned in their own homes! I’m sure parents are trying to keep their homes clean and germ free with certain cleaning and personal care products, but unfortunately it back fires. I can’t even imagine! That is why I want to share these statistics and product labels with you! You NEED to be informed! It could save your child’s life!

I have to be honest and say I had no idea about any of this over a year ago. I mean, I knew you shouldn’t keep cleaning products around, but I didn’t know how horrible each product was that I was using in my home and what it actually could do to my family’s health! Now that I know, you better believe that you will never find any of them in my home ever again!

Do you know what the most common substance that children get poisoned from? Incredibly it’s household cleaners! The average home contains 62 toxic chemicals just from household cleaners!  The EPA has even considered our homes the highest toxic waste dumps! They report that indoor air pollutants like toxic chemicals in our household cleaning and personal care products are three times more likely to cause cancer then outdoor air pollutants. Can you believe that? If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

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