Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday's Creations

Here are Yesterday's Creations:

One of my First Cards in Years!! I think it's seriously been a good 6 or 7 years since I have really crafted! So thank you to Erica @ for her inspiration! 

 Used The Playtime Cartridge as well as George & Basic Shapes
As in many of my creations, I have no idea where the paper is from because part of my crafting green is using recycled paper. My Friend Jennifer @ gave me the coin paper (and lots of other fun paper you will be seeing & more)!! Thanks Jennifer!

This is my Second Creation Yesterday: 
Another Card:

The black Card I used was from a box of donated things someone didn't want.
The Embellishment was from a pack on clearance for $.25 at Pat Catans.

I used my Stamp (Which I got on Clearance at Big Lots)
& Then Colored it with Water Color Pencils I found in the Basement

I needed something to blot it with, and since I'm so creative (hehe) I found a piece
of fluffy stuff on the floor that came out of one of the kids toys that the puppy had chewed up!

This is after the Water Color Pencils & Smudging with Fluff!

Hope you have enjoyed my creations! Please Bare with me as I'm just starting this venture of Crafting again! More Green Tips to Come Soon!


Thank you so much for stopping on over at Crafty and Green and for sharing the Love!! I really appreciate it!!

Many Blessings,