Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do You Read the Labels?

Here's Some "GREEN" Thinking for you:

Have you actually ever read the labels on the back of your cleaning and personal care products?? If you haven’t, you may want to hurry up and go look at them. If you have, you may have been seriously shocked! I was!

Many of the cleaning and personal care products we buy off the shelves at the stores are loaded with chemicals and toxins in them. Commonly, we believe that the government would never allow such terrible products to be on the shelves, but the truth is, they allow it! Not only do they allow it, they aren’t stopping it.

Did you ever sit back and ask yourself why we have amazing medical technology and so many amazing doctors, yet so many people have cancer, asthma, and other diseases and serious health concerns? Do you think it’s in what we put on our bodies and around our families? I DO!! Let me share with you some of the effects that these products have on people!

Remember: The labels on products only have to warn of the acute (immediate) harms from ingesting a product, breathing the fumes, or contact with the eyes and skin. They don't reveal the harms presented by chronic (long-term) exposure to the chemicals in these products.

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